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PLACE YOUR ORDER - Make your selections on our "Maryland Crab Cakes and Chowders" page.  Check out our “Salad Dressings” page for delicious dressing selections.  We have a minimum order of $35.00+ tax for Free Delivery.  We accept Zelle Pay (preferred), Venmo, Check or C.O.D.  

WE PREP & DELIVER We perfectly prepare your selections and deliver them straight to your doorstep. We typically deliver between 4 to 6 pm on Mondays and Thursdays, depending upon your order. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler at your front door.  We prepare to order by sticking to small batches for great taste, quality and freshness. For more information, check out our FAQ page. 

SAVOR THE EXPERIENCE - The Crab Cakes and Chowders are perfectly cooked and ready to Heat-n-Eat. You can find the simple reheating instructions on our Crab Cakes and Chowders page. Our delicious handcrafted Salad Dressings are ready for you to enjoy! Just mix the dressing with your salad and Voila! We now offer a variety of dressings. They are great for dipping mixed veggies, cheese, crackers, chips, bread, meat and poultry....Happy Eating! 

SPECIALS AND GATHERINGS - We have Nicoise Salads with protein choices of Crab Cakes, Roasted Salmon or Albacore Tuna that's great for small to medium size gatherings and it is available for delivery on Fridays and Saturdays 4 to 6 PM.  Check our "Specials and Gatherings" page. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

Everyone loved the crab cakes, the Maryland couple said "they're almost as good as Jimmy's Famous Seafood, Baltimore" I think that's a compliment, thanks so much! Fred and Debbie R., Plano

The coleslaw salad was tasty and the Don's vinaigrette dressing was outstanding. Brian said the crab cake was yummy, no fillers was a huge plus! He ate the red sauce up real fast. Chose the blue cheese ranch and loved it. Brian and Lyndale L., McKinney

Excellent again! We actually had some with lunch and a small salad for dinner.  We eat light at night so it was perfect. Another HOME RUN!!  Art and Sherry S., Plano

Ok, ate the cakes. Here is my take on them. What happened to the fishy taste? Ha ha. Smelled and tasted fresh. Good blend of seasonings that doesn't overpower the crab but I like more seasoning personally. Size is just right. We could share one but couldn't stop eating one each. The lemon sauce was just right. Even put some on my coleslaw. Yum. I pan fried and they got a nice crust and didn't fall apart. Darn! Wayne and Iris P., Bonham  

The meal was AMAZING!!!!!   The crab cake was so delicious!!!!   I don’t think I have ever found crab cakes that good!  Especially in Texas.  Loved the Ranch with dill!  John had the Cole slaw salad and I saved half the salad for my lunch tomorrow.  You two are truly amazing cooks!    And John, who does not like anything too fishy, loved the crab cake as well.  I was hoping to get part of his but he ate it all!   Loved seeing y’all! John and Donna W., Lucas
My husband and I recently tried The Crab Cakes from Fancy Forks Kitchen and was more than happy  with our experience.  The Cakes were loaded with fresh crab and had  just enough of the right kinds of seasoning, "no fillers".  They were moist and full of flavor and large enough for us to share one. The  Lemon Aioli that accompanied the cakes was light and gave just the right amount of acidity to the sweetness of the crab.  I could not wait until the next day to have more.  Yum yum! Carolyn & Johnny P, Fairview

Thank you Fancy Forks Kitchen I loved your Crab Cakes and the creamy coleslaw.  The Lemon Aioli is my favorite sauce now!  Corafelle M, McKinney

We ordered Crab Cakes. They were awesome. We were familiar with and very fond of Don's signature Salad. They made it even better. Crab Cakes were very good; one of the best you can get even when compared to top seafood restaurants. Highly recommend the Crab Cakes. We will be ordering more. Feza and Mary B, Fairview

Everyone loved the crab cakes and we will definitely order again.  I loved the Ranch dressing and plan to order that as well. Amanda G. Allen

Mark here! Ate one crab cake and immediately wanted 6 more! Thank you for sharing your wonderful culinary talents with us. Mark S., Allen

My wife and I had the great pleasure of trying the Fancy Forks Crab cake dinner. IT WAS FABULOUS! The crab cakes were tender, fresh, moist, big lumps of crab and were not filled with bread crumbs like other crab cakes we have had in the past. The coleslaw we had on the side was also fresh and delicious. Thank you for a wonderful dinner Fancy Forks! Ron and Shelly A, Amarillo

I take phone in hand to effusively compliment your crab cakes. They were delicious and the condiments were excellent, especially the spicy one. Very, very good.  Thank y’all for the great food. Marissa should have ordered more. Oh well.  Scott and Marissa T, Anchorage

We loved your Crab Cakes! Definitely a repeat! We love your dressing! You are so clever to make a Blue Cheese Ranch. It's delicious! Mark & Beth H, Fairview

Flavorful, healthy meals delivered to my doorstep! What’s not to love? Compliments to the chefs! The meals are so good! Jason and Barbara J, Allen

Don and Glenda make delicious Crab Cakes, delivered to your door! They were awesome!  I also loved the Lemon Aioli sauce. OMG. You have  knack for sauces and dressings. So yummy! Scott and Marlo B, Fairview

My family has really enjoyed the crab cakes from Fancy Forks Kitchen.  I've never been a fan of crab, but these  are delicious! Great flavor and crisp up nicely! The salad dressings are amazing!  I'm eating more salads because of these wonderful dressings!  Ben and Alycia K, Fairview

AMAZING Crab Cakes!! Popped them in the oven for 10 minutes: PERFECT! Tasty coleslaw and fantastic Lemon Aioli sauce as well.  We highly recommend! Great ingredients, awesome preparation, effortless service. Great way to get more balance in your busy lives and still eat delicious, healthy meals! Rick & Joan T, Fairview

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