Fancy Forks Kitchen was founded by Don and Glenda Goodrich in the Spring of 2019. The two food connoisseurs had a vision to spread the joy of eating high quality food without the fancy price tag. As the power duo retired from Corporate America and became empty nesters, they decided to follow their passion by creating Fancy Forks Kitchen.

Fancy Forks Kitchen specializes in their famous Maryland Style Crab Cakes, handcrafted Fancy Salads, Don's Signature  Vinaigrettes, and a zesty Ranch Dressing Collection.  All items are locally sourced, prepared, and delivered RIGHT to your door. The cakes and salads are great for a mid week pick me up or just for your everyday dinner so you don't have to cook and it feels like you are eating at a gourmet restaurant.  These meals are perfect for family gatherings, potluck parties, or can be an exquisite addition to your own meals. No prepping, no cooking, no cleaning, no kidding! EASY is our THING!

“Our goal is to provide you with the best tasting Maryland Style Crab Cake in the North Dallas Area! Crab Cakes have a long history and originate from Maryland where I [Don] grew up.”

Fancy Forks Kitchen’s Crab Cakes are loaded with perfectly seasoned sweet lump crab meat. There are no fillers, no fakes, and no nonsense with this dish! Served with a creamy lemon aioli that perfectly complements the sweetness of the crab. Don has been making these Crab cakes for our family for years - it’s one of our favorites!

Fancy Forks Kitchen’s line of fresh salads, dressings, and party dips will surely satisfy your palate and party needs. We invite you to savour the experience….


Food Enthusiasts, Don and Glenda

Crab Cake Trivia - In 1930, a GENIUS named Crosby Gaige introduced in his cookbook, New York World’s Fair Cookbook, a recipe for what he dubbed the “Baltimore Crab Cake".