Skip the shopping, cooking and cleanup. Spend time on what’s important – family. Get your meals delivered directly to your door.


Fancy Forks is committed to premium quality food and service.


Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution for the times during the week when you could use a little break from meal preparation and just get down to eating.

You Order

We prepare & deliver

savour the experience...™


YOU ORDER - Choose which meals you would like to order. We generate new and delicious menu items so you will always enjoy something new on a weekly basis.

WE PREP & DELIVER - Your meals are made fresh and delivered straight to your doorstep.

SAVOR THE EXPERIENCE - Your meal packages are fully cooked, assembled, and ready to eat.  Follow the simple reheating instruction on the label and happy eating!        

What Our Customers Say About Us

I wanted to write and personally thank you for starting this company!  My wife and I don't normally cook dinners, so having your meals as a dinner option has made it so easy for us to eat a full meal during the week.  We always look forward to the weekly deliveries each Monday afternoon.  Your three meal options allows for a good variety during the week.  My wife is a big fan of the side salads with your delicious home made dressing.  This is a nice lunch option for her.  Please keep the dishes coming, especially the seafood.  Those are my favorite.
Steve and Lisa F, Fairview

Thank you Fancy Forks Kitchen for saving me time and money from shopping, cooking and cleaning.  I always look forward to my weekly meals delivery.  Loved the varieties of your menu and generous portion.
Corafelle M, McKinney

Great ingredients, awesome preparation, effortless service. Great way to get more balance in your busy lives and still eat delicious, healthy meals! Rick & Joan T, Fairview

We used Fancy Forks several times. The food is great, and having only me and my wife at home, it eliminates the need to cook just for two. When needed, they provide flexibility on the menu, especially if you have some restrictions or specific diets. It is easy to warm up, as the instructions suggest which keep the food moist and more evenly heated. I would recommend their services. Feza B, Fairview.

My wife and I had the great pleasure of trying the Fancy Forks Crab cake dinner. IT WAS FABULOUS! The crab cakes were tender, fresh, moist, big lumps of crab and were not filled with bread crumbs like other crab cakes we have had in the past. The coleslaw we had on the side was also fresh and delicious. Thank you for a wonderful dinner Fancy Forks!  Ron and Shelly A, Amarillo

I take phone in hand to effusively compliment your crab cakes. They were delicious and the condiments were excellent, especially the spicy one. Very, very good.  Thank y’all for the great food. Marissa should have ordered more. Oh well.  Scott and Marissa T, Anchorage

We just had the German Meatloaf and it was so delicious. The quality of the food and the presentation was top notch. You could tell that these meals are prepared with fresh ingredients (not frozen), which is so nice in this era of frozen meals. We highly recommend Fancy Forks if you are looking for a good quality meal. Dale and Donna B, Fairview

The dish was well prepared and presented. I found that it was to large for a single serving and thus used for Wed dinner and a Thurs lunch. While it reheats nicely the chicken has a tendency to dry out. If you could make a dish about half that size for a single serve I think it would sell very well. The meal was very tasty.  Jim C, Allen

The food is absolutely delicious! We just received our first order and will definitely order again. The cod was fresh, reheated nicely. Loved the salad! It was a well balanced, healthy meal and so nice to have a fresh meal prepared for us after a day’s work! John and Donna W, Lucas

Flavorful, healthy meals delivered to my doorstep! What’s not to love? Compliments to the chefs! The meals are so good! Jason and Barbara J, Allen

Don and Glenda make delicious home cooked meals, delivered to your door! And yes, the chef makes them quite fancy. You will never get plain meatloaf. You will get something like “wagyu beef meatloaf with a reduced cremini mushroom glaze”. So yummy! Scott and Marlo B, Fairview

The meal was excellent!  It looked great, it was wholesome, and it tasted wonderful.  Victoria and I split the one meal and that was enough for each of us. Truly fantastic, thanks. Steve and Victoria M, Allen

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